Wizz : The Engineer

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I've been engineering since my early days, using LEGOs as my tools and materials. Since I discovered the power of electricity at 18 years old, I've been creating various electronic devices. The best way of learning is by doing it yourself.


The Wizz Wall

This is my biggest project so far. 2304 RGB pixels, all soldered by hand.

The UberMixer

This USB-MIDI DJ mixer is my current project. It features the most common controls for a 2 decks DJ setup.

SL1200 Turntables

A complete overhaul of two classic DJ turntables. For dirty and rusty to clean and pimp.


A simple yet versatile clock. Matrix LED display, USB connectivity, alarm, CNC machining... what else do you want?

The Sub

An 8" amplified subwoofer to support my studio monitor. 100W, 20Hz to 150Hz.

The Orb

This is a special light fixture I created for a party. Fiberglass ball, 144 LEDs, 12 lasers and a custom DMX controller.

The Strobe Array

Another special light fixture for another party. A 5' x 10' strobe matrix with 24 indenpendantly controllable strobes, with DMX control.


My customizable and versatile DMX interface.


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