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The Orb is a 36" fiberglass ball that opens in 6 parts, just like a flower. It's painted black and is covered with 144 bright white LEDs, arranged in groups of 6, for a total of 24 groups, 4 on each section. Each petal also has 2 red 5mW lasers. A MPLI DMX512 interface controls and powers every group of LED indenpendantly using PWM. Inside the orb are two 500W halogene bulbs, controlled by a relay, to blind the crowd. The opening mecanism is simply a rope system pulling on the petals, all attached to a sailing rope and pulleys. I never found a servo or motor strong enough to pull the ball open (the mecanism was far from perfect, with way too much friction) so we had to manually pull a rope in the DJ booth to open it.

We could control, using DMX, the pattern to be displayed on the sphere, the speed of the pattern and the intensity of the LEDs. Another channel was used to select a pattern for the lasers and one more for the control of the blinder's relay.

The Orb was built to be use during the Delirium Party at Polytechnic School of Montreal in january 2009. Unfortunatly, it didn't work during the evening because the 120V extension powering it was faulty and its power was cut during the party (you can see a black inhert sphere hanging around 1:05 in this video). It was resurrected and upgraded in october 2009 for the Highway to Hell Party (you can see a pattern at 2:15 and the blinder at 2:42). It was destroy after the party because we didn't have any space to store it.

Sorry for the lack of images, I have very few clear pictures or videos of the Orb.

The original Orb concept

The original Orb concept

The Orb

The Orb is exploding

The Orb

The Orb at full LED brightness

The Orb, inhert

The Orb before the party, hanging from the ceiling

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