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The Wizz Clock was a must-do project. It's very common to see hobbyists creating custom clocks so I just had to do mine. It's basically two 16x24 red LED matrix displays, bought from Sure Electronics on eBay, assembled in a pretty CNC-cut wood enclosure. The russian birch makes a nice constrast with the black laser-cut acrylic panels. A hand-made, acid-etched PCB with an ATmega164P and an RTC displays and keeps time. A FT232RL chip creates a USB connection to the computer to sync the clock with the computer's time and set alarms, up to 3 per day of the week, using the C# application I made for it.

The Wizz Clock

Nice wood finish

CAD Drawing

CAD makes complex assemblies possible

CAD exploded view

Explode it to see what's inside

Back view

Simple and clean back side with power connector and snooze button

Interior view

Inside view

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